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I'm Niamh and I'm a freelance photographer from London. I specialise in music/gig photography and live events but I also really enjoy shooting portraits, travel scenes and the occasional dog photoshoot (too cute, how could anyone say no?)


I have always loved photography growing up. I had a digital camera from a young age before getting into photography properly always being the person in friendship, groups to take photos, create albums and videos for others and taking my small digital camera to concerts back when I was just getting into experiencing live music and discovering my love for gigs. Being able to do it on a bigger scale now is so much fun and I love to take on any opportunity I can to get behind my camera.

I currently shoot on a Canon 5D Mark iii, which I am super excited about shooting with and switch between a 70-300mm, a 24-70mm 2.8 which is my favourite for gigs and a 50mm 1.4 lens.  


I have had the pleasure of shooting artists such as Yungblud, Lewis Capaldi, Sam Fender, Only The Poets and Adore Delano so far and can't wait to expand my portfolio and work in different shooting environments.

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